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Handmade fused glass wall art from RD Glass. Featuring an abstract design in red, black and purple. Each panel is unique, but will have the same basic layout and colours.

The mounted panel measures approximately 38cm x 20cm. If desired the panel can be removed from the backing board and displayed differently, or the board can be painted to match your decor.

Please note that as the wall art is handmade, the sizes and colours may vary slightly.


Reed fused glass wall art

  • • Sold fully mounted to a white backing board so that it is easy to hang

    • As the glass is set away from the mount, you will see beautiful reflections behind when the light shines through it. 

    • With glass wall art the colours will never fade and the pieces are much more tactile than a standard painting or photo

    • The glass panel measures approximately 30cm x 12cm

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