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RD Glass is the business name of Roxanne Denny, a glass artist who designs and makes each piece by hand. She works from her home studio in the Lake District, Cumbria. 


She fell in love with glass as University whilst taking an Applied Arts degree. There she was able to try her hand at ceramics, metalwork, silversmithing and woodwork as well as glass. She knew that glass was the material for her as colour had always played a large role in her artwork and she was intrigued by the possibilities that glass held and the way that it played with light. 


After gaining her BA(Hons) in 2008 she set up RD Glass that year and has steadily grown her business, adding new ranges and products all the time. Her work stands out from other glass artists with her bold designs and attention to detail and quality in the finish of the glass. 


Her fused glass pieces start out as flat sheets of glass, which she cuts and layers on top of each other, before melting or 'fusing' them together in a kiln. This could be anywhere from four to forty different sections of glass. Some pieces are ground and polished before or after they are fused and they will need to undergo up to four firings before they are finished. Any shaped pieces are 'slumped' into or over a mould in a separate



If you would like to see any of the glass in the flesh, then why not arrange a visit to the studio, or visit some of the many shops and galleries which sell RD Glass pieces.  


Contemporary and colourful handmade fused glass bowl by RD Glass
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