I welcome commissions of any variety, so if you like an item on the site but would prefer it to be slightly different, or wish to design your own piece from scratch then please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you an idea of the cost. 


Most of my commissions tend to be jewellery, wall panels or bowls but I can produce a wide range of items, so if it is not on the site it does not mean that I would not be able to produce it. As well as the commissions shown below I have previously produced tiles, splashbacks, lights and windows. Comments from some of the commissions are shown here




Corporate Commissions:

A plate for the Cumbria Businesswoman of the Year Award 11/2011 - It was commissioned by the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and was based on one of our designs which they liked, but incorporating the colours of their logo

A mirror for Waternook Lakeside Accommodation - Designed specifically around their requirements in terms of size, shape, colour and pattern.

Bespoke fused glass soap dishes and small dishes

These fused glass soap dishes and small dishes were commissioned by a client who had previously purchased a red soap dish from my Linea range. She specified the size of the smaller dishes, as well as the colours of all the dishes and the lines on the dishes too. As she was clear with what she wanted and as the pieces were simply adapted from my Linea range, there was no need for any designs and so I went straight to making. The commissioning process was carried out entirely by email.