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Free arts and crafts of all kinds

A little change from my planned blog post this month, as with most people now having a lot more time at home, I thought a list of some things to do to help pass the time might be in order! These are just a few of my favourites; hopefully some will be of interest to you.

Online publications

Crafts Magazine

They are giving a month's free access to their online editions. The issues go all the way back to the 70's, so you can see the changing face of craft through the decades. Read them all here.

Drawing and painting

Disney Characters

Lots of tutorials available to help you learn to draw some popular Disney characters. Perhaps a great one for parents and kids to do together, but given the number of adult Disney fanatics I know, I'm sure this will be popular with many people. Click here for the videos.

The Makers Mill/ Feather and Wild

The Makers Mill in Keswick have been asking artists to draw a few images that can be printed and then coloured in. Feather and Wild is the first business that I have seen take part, with five fab drawings to choose from. More will be added soon I am sure, but for these click here.

Norfolk Painting School

The school are doing a 'Great British Paint-In' every Wednesday for the time being at least. If you have your own paints and want to paint along with them for the challenge and fun then click here.

Virtual tours

The British Museum

Fancy having a look at some of the treasures and artifacts in the British Museum? With the option to look by age, geographical location and theme, you can look at what appeals to you the most. Visit online here.

The Louvre

Have a virtual stroll through the Louvre's Egyptian antiquities, paintings and more with their tours here.

The Smithsonian

There is a wide choice of exhibits to look through with these virtual tours. I could spend a long time looking at rocks, mineral and insects myself! Visit online here.


The Alhambra Cinema/MUBI

This offer comes courtesy of the Alhambra Cinema in Penrith and is for three months free streaming of MUBI's selection of films. Think more film club than Hollywood blockbusters. Try it out here.


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